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Remote Control Toy Trains: Fun and Easy to Build

Remote control toys are excellent for children who are just getting introduced to the world of machines or for older kids who have extensive experience in and enthusiasm for trains, planes, cars, and virtually every other kind of vehicle imaginable. Our Toy Train Table Plans Store offers a wide assortment of remote control trains, sure to delight children of all ages.

RC remote control toys include LEGO's new remote control train series, which was released in 2006. These radio control toys have been designed specifically to enable young and new train enthusiasts to enter the field and learn how to construct great, fast, fun trains without having extensive prior experience. LEGO toy train sets get their power from a 9V motor and move on unprecedentedly inexpensive plastic tracks.

Remote control toys can be taken to the next level with the LEGO Digital Designer and the LEGO Factory system. The Digital Designer is a free program that LEGO gives to enthusiasts, enabling them to input their original train designs into a computer and share it online via the Factory system. Now you or your child can keep in touch with what other creative train hobbyists from around the world are doing - at absolutely no cost!

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BRIO trains make great remote control toys for kids. The BRIO remote control toy train is compatible with any wooden track produced by BRIO and can be easily run by your child using a wireless hand-held remote control. This train needs 4 x 1.5 V button cells and 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries, as well as 2 x AA batteries for the remote control - but the batteries come with the train set itself!

For kids who like playing war games, remote control toy tanks from World War II are available for both the Allies and Axis. Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Sherman, and Abrams are all available to help kids learn about history as they recreate World War II combat action or to simply enjoy these toys and invent their own stories with the tanks.

As of Christmas 2006, the lovable Thomas the Train can be purchased as a remote control toy. Children ages three and up can take immense pleasure in this train with a personality, which emits completely safe real steam and is powered by an infrared remote control. Fun and easy to steer, the "Remote Control Steam and Sounds Thomas" is a great gift for children who love the Thomas TV series, movies, and characters.

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