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Jacksonville, FL USA

Honestly, we don't even use ours as a train table YET. Right now my kids are younger and it is more an activity or play table. I currently have their Fisher Price Little People Sets on the table and they play with the toys that way.

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I keep two large bins underneath the table for storage, which is great, and if they want to build with their Legos then I dump the Little People into one of the bins and take out the other Lego bin and they are all set to play at the table.

In a year or two, it will be a train table when the kids are ready for it. I know this table will last a long time, it is very sturdy. I don't even mind when they climb up and sit on the table to play - it does not budge.

We are glad that we took the plunge and decided to build it ourselves. It was not hard to do, the plans are straight forward and easy to follow, not to mention that it was much less expensive than purchasing in the stores. Plus then you can decorate it any way you like. Overall, it is a great deal, so versatile and simple to do. I would definitely recommend others to try it too.

Randy and MaryJo

Image of Randy and MaryJo's Lego Playtable Plans

From the webmaster: The Lego Playtable Plans were original designed as a Brio/Thomas the Tank/Maxim train table. So... if you want to build a table just for Lego baseplates, then you need to adjust the table dimensions. The baseplates also come in green color.

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Lego Playtable Plans - Maple Landmark - Tumbletree Woods tracks

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Lego Playtable Plans - Maple Landmark - Tumbletree Woods tracks

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